patrick martin my philosophy

Understanding math isn’t always easy - it is knowledge that can only be built on a strong foundation one skill at a time. I like to think of math in the context of adding tools to a toolbox. With missing or dull tools, every job becomes more difficult - but if you invest in a collection of quality tools they will make life easier & last you a lifetime. Understanding math works the same way - taking the time to invest in quality math skills adds to your toolbox of knowledge - and your job of understanding math becomes so much easier!

My goal at MathTools is to help you replace or repair those broken or missing math tools. We start with whatever assignment you are struggling with today. As we work, I note the skills that you seem to be missing, and give you the tools that will help you understand math better. My goal is to eventually work myself out of a job and leave you with a quality set of skills that will help you work your way through problems on your own. In the future - if you get behind or just need your math tools sharpened - I’m always just a phone call away!

My name is Patrick Martin and I live on Main Street in Weyauwega, WI. I have enjoyed helping friends understand math since I was in middle school. I seem to have a gift for recognizing exactly what it is that is confusing people and I enjoy helping them to solve their problems. I have a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and worked for awhile as a computer programmer. I then spent many years raising and homeschooling my children. I recently earned my teaching license and I’ve chosen to pursue tutoring instead of full-time classroom work. I spent time observing and student teaching in both the Waupaca and Weyauwega Schools districts so I know most of the local math teachers. I am confident that I can work with your teacher to help you better understand your math assignments.